Power Plant - Power Plant is the third largest new signing and completion industry in the global international engineering (after housing construction and transportation), which is also the most important project contract source of One Belt And One Road. More than 1000MW of supercritical units represent advanced productivity.

One, five, one level.

"Five and one leveling" is refers to in the construction project, in order to reasonable and orderly organization construction and the preparatory work, generally includes: drainage systems, electricity, access, communication, water drainage, flat field.

2. General layout plan of the construction.

Construction site plan is proposed building the community of the construction site to conduct a comprehensive planning, rational use of overall arrangement, is a reflection of the deployment of construction on the space, is to ensure that the site traffic channel and drainage unblocked, civilized and orderly construction of important technical documents.

3. Excavation of main plant foundation pit.

The excavation of the foundation pit of the main workshop marks the construction of the main structure of the project. The excavation of earthwork should follow the principle of "grooving support, first supporting, digging up, digging in layers, strictly forbidden". Before excavation, it is necessary to meet the requirements of technology, mechanical equipment, materials and site.

4. Concrete of the first side of the main building.

The main plant foundation is generally understood as the base of A, B, C and D on the side of the steam turbine, and some also understand the basis of the boiler room as part of the foundation of the main plant. It is necessary to have technical conditions, material conditions, mechanical conditions and personnel conditions for the concrete casting.

5. Large volume concrete pouring in main plant.

In the construction of large thermal power plant, the hoisting of boiler steel structure is the indicator of the installation of the whole plant. The installation of boiler steel structure can be carried out according to the situation of the site by using single piece lifting and combination lifting.

6. The boiler steel structure reaches the top.

Boiler steel structure to mark the whole sets of boiler steel frame body end of the installation work has been comprehensively, steel structure as a whole to find is laid the foundation for the next step, also pulled open the prelude of boiler heating surface equipment combination, installation. Before the heating surface hoisting work, the first two quality inspection work should be carried out through the boiler steel structure.

7. The main plant A is at the top.

The construction of the main workshop is the first image project of the architecture major.

The chimney tops.

As the landmark of the power plant, the chimney should be prepared before construction. In construction, the geometric size of the circular degree, vertical degree are addition, and concrete process quality strict request, from beginning to end not lax, ensure the quality and appearance overall process to achieve the desired effect, do process control, an optimal.

9. Stop water on the turbine house.

The main effect of the main function is to create favorable conditions for the installation of the equipment in the turbine room. This engineering steam turbine housing surface is a pressure - type steel plate bottom die, cast-in-place reinforced concrete roof.

10. Cooling tower to top.

The cooling tower and chimneys are regarded as the landmark buildings of the power plant. The cooling tower is mainly composed of the foundation, the human column, the cylinder wall, the core of the tower, and the filler, which is an important device for the cooling of circulating water. The wall construction adopts harmon Ш type electric ascend climbing form construction method.

11. To the top of the oxygen bunker.

Oxygen, coal bunker bay is generally referred to as the deoxidization coal-fired power an important part of the factory building, this project between oxygen coal bunker is a multi-layer reinforced concrete frame structure, located between the turbine room and boiler room, parallel to the turbine room layout.

12. The turbine bearing seat is in position (or in position)

The platform is in position: the plate cleaning, the contact surface grinding, the plate elevation and the adjustment of the elevation, the table is in place, laying the foundation for the installation of the turbine generator.

13. The control room is delivered to Ann.

The centralized control room is the command and control center of the power plant. The ac in the control room indicates that the main control equipment of the electronic instrument enters the installation stage, and the conditions of the conditions and conditions of the conditions are divided.

14. The water system is qualified and qualified.

The water used in the thermal system of the power plant is derived from the desalting system, and the water supply of the water supply is needed continuously from the boiler water pressure test to the normal operation of the unit. In addition to the brine system, it is a relatively independent system. In the milestone node, the project is required to be completed early, providing qualified water quality for unit and subsystem debugging.

15. Steam turbine buckle cover.

The completion of the steam turbine buckle marks the completion of the installation work of the major milestone of the steam turbine.

16. Electric power supply.

The success of reverse transmission means that the project is a key node of engineering construction from static commissioning to dynamic debugging, which is a powerful guarantee for engineering construction.

Scope: electrical power generally from the booster station, pour to rev for change, and then to the high voltage switch room, finally to 400 v, pour a lot of power also requires more powerful motor, so that electric current can reach test vector demand.

17. Boiler water pressure test.

Boiler integral hydraulic test is check the boiler under cold strength and rigor of a test, it is boiler pressure parts before the end of the installation and operation of an important working procedure, is an important means of ensuring safe and reliable operation of the boiler.

18. Boiler pickling.

For the removal of boiler equipment in the manufacturing process of formation of the scale, the generated in the process of corrosion, leakage and installation, welding slag and equipment factory coating preservative and other attached objects, a new boiler unit should be done before operation of chemical cleaning.

19. The turbo-generator unit was successful.

Turbo-generator set barring success, marked the end of the steam turbine generator set installation work of ontology, all oil system, transmission part is completed, with the protection ability of the requirements of steam turbine and steam turbine. Note a generator outlet cover and seal to the arrival of the goods on time, otherwise it will cause turbine oil pipeline and the pipe changes too much and affect the quality of the qualified oil, cause secondary filter, extend the period of the oil circulation.

The coal system began to coal.

Coal conveying system is generally block debugging, and finally to the interlocking alignment stage, coal is the most basic running deviation and pull rope switch must be put on prevention, at the same time to raise coal plough device, prevent the belt from did not produce timely clean block, and cause local damage to the belt. The coal meets the fuel condition of the boiler ignition.

The boiler fires for the first time.

The ignition of the boiler has created a good condition for the next unit to run, the whole set up and the 168 hours test run.

Ignition charge pipe.

The unit is mainly involved in the installation of mufflers and pipes, support hangers, and the detection of old welds, and the temporary works for pipe welding must be tested according to the formal engineering.

23. Power generation for the first time.

Should thoroughly before start the interconnection of the rectification work, management must be organized carefully and closely cooperate with all the contractors, check the defect, according to requirements of the standard of actively organize the rectification, the independent room, key MCC \ the PC first hand over. During operation, equipment and system operation requirements are stable.

24. The trial operation was completed in 168 hours.

Unit full load test run to complete 168 hours, means that the unit can be smoothly handed over to the owner by construction unit, 168 start-up during the commissioning, need to check the average load rate, automatic TouRuLv, protect TouRuLv, turbine shaft vibration, generator hydrogen leakage quantity, denitration rate and vacuum degree on behalf of the parameters of the stable operation of unit.

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