Recently, the development and reform commission of heilongjiang province issued the approval for the approval of the biomass thermoelectric joint production project of shuangye furniture industry co., LTD. The details are as follows:

Zhoukou gas power plant engineering no.2 high school pressure tank hoisting in place.

At 1 o 'clock on November 9th, the high school pressure tank of zhoukou gas power plant engineering no.2 was put in place. At 1328 hours, the generator stator hoisting was in place -- 12 hours of construction work, successfully completed two large pieces of hoisting work, which provided the basic guarantee for the project progress target.

During the hoisting period, the company's deputy general manager li junbao, deputy chief engineer guo jiyu and engineering director hu ze heng were in charge of on-site supervision and guidance. He stressed that after the lifting work, we should continue to sum up the experience, further improve the hoisting method and timely transform it into a new product of the company's large hoisting mode. The high efficiency of the hoisting task fully reflects the company's spirit of "being able to fight, strive for perfection and continuously surpass", and won the unanimous praise and trust of the owner.

China resources caofeidian project no. 4 unit small machine condenser successfully hoisted.

November 13, China resources caofeidian project no. 4 unit small machine condensing machine successfully hoisted.

Caofeidian project no. 4, the condensing unit of the water pump, is a two-process surface structure, which is located between the 0-18 axis of the turbine room and the A4 plate-b column. Its model is N5600, overall dimensions (length, width and height) were 14.464 meters, 5.6 meters, 5.6 meters, weight of about 90 tons, run weighs about 110 tons, produced by Qingdao jaguar to high and new technology co., LTD., is one of the important auxiliary equipment in power plant operation.

According to the working conditions of the construction site, detailed safety technical measures were developed in caofeidian district. Before the hoisting, wang xiaoyong, the director of the work area, conducted a joint inspection on the job site, driving and various tools, and carried out detailed safety and technical cooperation. Hoisting, pipeline employees braved the bitter cold and less than 5 degrees temperature, adhere to three and a half hours of continuous operation, until the small machine condenser smooth lifting in place, won the unanimous praise, project department, the owner and supervision and phase of each node under the project smoothly created favorable conditions. (responsible editor: zhang Chen)

The ignition and blowpipe of unit 1 boiler of two 350 megawatt units in baoding xibeijiao thermal power plant of hebei province was successfully completed.

On November 12, northwest electric construction company built a company to build the hebei baoding xibeijiao thermal power plant 2 35mw unit 1 boiler ignition and blow pipe work successfully completed.

In order to ensure the target unit 1 boiler ignition torch node is completed, the company site project department meticulous planning, deployment in advance, clear division of responsibility, a day to a start-up, a production start-up to coordinate, strictly implement the measures, with the owner, supervision, manufacturers and debug unit positive coordination, of unit 1 boiler starting conditions for carding and confirmed many times, has detailed the related plan and specific measures, to ensure the accurate and ignition torch work according to the plan implementation. Ignition preparation process, the project department strictly carry out the safety civilization construction, the ignition system equipment to carry out special security check involved, and has carried on the strict safety technical disclosure to homework personnel, improve the operation personnel hazards identification ability, ensure that the security situation under control. The blowpipe adopts the "step-down method" steam blowpipe, which is divided into three stages according to the specification, each stage is 12 hours apart, and the middle stop furnace is cooled. First stage blowpipe 40 times; The second stage of the blowpipe 38 times; In the third stage, the target plate blowing is qualified, and the main indexes such as impact spot grain size and spot mark are better than the standard requirements.

It is understood that the project engineering planning capacity according to 4 units of 350 mw heating unit, this period engineering construction 2 units of 350 mw heating unit, synchronous construction of flue gas desulfurization and denitration device, with expansion conditions again. The construction of the project will meet the main urban area of the city and the northern low-carbon new city (west of hengxiang north street), the central area (beijing-guangzhou railway, north of the north second ring road). West of hengxiang street) recent heating demand. After the completion of the project will replace existing small scattered heating heating boilers, greatly improve the regional environment, improve air quality, effectively promote the "low carbon baoding" "blue sky project" construction, and actively help realize the baoding city government leading global low-carbon city "construction" of the strategic objectives.

The construction of the raft foundation of the "huilong no.1" demonstration project of "huayong no.1" in fangchenggang nuclear power plant was completed successfully.

12 November 11 50 points, the second engineering of anhui electric power construction co., LTD., construction of demonstrative project of fangchenggang nuclear power station "hualong" number one 3 ci turbine base raft concrete pouring smoothly completed, casting volume of 3838 cubic meters, for 3 ci workshop foundation called "zero" have created favorable conditions.

Four concrete cloth equipment was used in the pouring, which was distributed in the north and south east and northwest, and was poured from the south to the north in order to ensure that the vibration was in place and covered completely. At the same time in order to ensure the integrity of the mass concrete foundation and concrete pouring when the need to maintain the continuity of water, on November 10, 18 points when 19 started pouring, the project department related 3 ci team construction, and management personnel is divided into 24 hours waiting for the day shift and night shift, over 40 hours and 32 minutes pouring task smoothly.

During the construction period, the project department of fangchenggang attaches great importance to strict implementation of strict requirements, carefully organizing and planning ahead of time, and convening engineering coordination meetings and technical meeting for many times. Project department actively cooperate with various units 3 ci team to do the preparatory work before pouring, ensure that a job preparation and conditions, the concrete raw material ratio, temperature control measures, construction road conditions, site layout, pump truck supply and so on heat preservation and maintenance layout coverage in place, formulation and comparing various layout schemes and emergency measures, and the day before the casting rehearsal, ci for 3 turbine base raft concrete pouring smoothly laid the foundation.

The ignition charge of unit 2 in the east suburb of handan was a success.

At 17 November 13, 16 points, the first project of anhui electric power construction co., LTD., construction of handan east thermal power unit 2 ignition flushing a successful project, marked the complete set of unit 2 start has entered the countdown stage, such as turbine rushed to turn the key nodes laid a good foundation.

The dongjiao thermal power project in handan is a key project of the people's livelihood in handan city. The heating period will be in the winter and the local government and guodian group pay special attention. On November 3, zhong ruiyao, deputy director of the department of engineering construction of guodian group, asked me to assume the ignition condition of the #2 unit that I was responsible for in advance to 13th. The project department will take the opportunity to push forward with the opportunity to implement the necessary conditions. With unit 1 resource for water, vapor, and debug unit, DCS, bus manufacturers close cooperation, such as arrange commissioning projects, and in accordance with the time into "optimum" concept, careful debugging, to ensure the improvement of the system, at the end of the unit 1 wash pipe with the fourth day, to achieve the goal the ignition of the wash pipe node.

Boiler ignition process, the project department departments with debugging professional,, solidarity and collaboration, work closely with operational personnel, individual, to carry out the various commissioning and safety control measures, careful operation and strict monitoring, system perfect, the environment clean and tidy. The work plan and plan of the next charge to the whole start-up is scheduled in advance. (ryearn)

Shandong junnan power source thermoelectric phase 2 * 350mw thermal power generation project, no. 3, no. 4 unit, the deaerator successfully hoisted in place.

On November 13, 13, jiangsu electric power construction third engineering company of shandong junan force source thermoelectric phase ii 2 x 350 mw cogeneration project, 3, 4 units deaerator lifting in place smoothly.

To ensure the smooth, the 2 sets of deaerator lifting linyi project department have held by the owner supervision for lifting scheme analysis, organize technical personnel elaborate optimization hoisting plan, detailed work instructions, and the operating personnel security and technical disclosure. Each oxygen valued 67 tons, 19.56 meters long, 5.45 meters in diameter, the effective volume of 150 cubic meters, by 600 tons crawler crane hoisting up to 34 meters oxygen layer, the whole process of hoisting plan, work orderly, goes well, the owner, supervision. Qian Guojiang

China resources new energy tongguan port 50 mw wind power project formally started construction.

Zhang feng, member of the standing committee of the CPC central committee and deputy head of the standing committee of the communist party of China (CPC), announced the commencement of the opening ceremony, and the deputy director of the standing committee of the people's congress, yan chongbin, presided over the opening ceremony.

China resources wind power project is located in tongguan port generation word camp north of town, with a total investment of about $405.04 million, plans to install 25 sets of 2.0 mw wind turbine, the total installed 50 mw, annual output of about 100 million degrees, after the completion of the project can reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions by about 80000 tons. Through the self-built 110kv booster station and the transmission line, connected to the south source substation, next year, all the fans will be connected to the grid, and the electricity price will be carried out according to the national standard. Project implementation in tongguan county, give full play to the resource advantage, to speed up the wind resource utilization, cultivating strategic development new energy industry, optimization of industrial structure, promote the development of tongguan economic transformation and span has important practical significance.

Zhang Feng in his speech, congratulations on project construction, hope the relevant departments, the villages and towns to trying to influence the progress of various unfavorable factors in time, strive to solve the difficult problems in engineering construction, provides the omni-directional service for the project construction, with the best service, best environment, the highest efficiency is the escort of project construction. At the same time, project units should strictly control the project quality, speed up the construction progress, and ensure the early completion of the project.

The 2 x 660MW coal-fired power station in kasim, Pakistan, was successfully connected to the network.

Actively promoting the international cooperation of One Belt And One Road to create a new platform for international cooperation is an elaboration on promoting the establishment of a community of Shared future for mankind in the party's nineteenth report. As "area" of the landmark projects - Pakistan port qasim coal-fired power station after 31 months hectic construction, commissioning, on November 10, 2017 at 16 points in the 9 # 1 unit grid a successful this time, ahead of November 16 plan grid goal 6 days to complete, for the next 168 # 1 unit at full capacity operation have created favorable conditions, blowing the first generating units signal.

For warranty card SIMS coal-fired power station unit 1 grid a successful, November 7 morning, unit 1 rev committee field headquarters site meetings, comprehensive deployment unit official before the start of each work, meeting further clear division of responsibility, power companies, consulting department, general contractor, commissioning and operational units to strictly according to the outline of debugging and commissioning, unified command, advanced design, elaborate organization, standardize operations, ZunZhangShouJi, close cooperation, go all out to ensure that the first units for grid-connected power generation to achieve goals.

I inspect grain company project consulting management planning in advance, on October 21st will be # 1 unit before the rev condition confirmation/general contractor, detailed item by item, active participation project department each major to verify visa, ensure the unit meet the requirements. In front of the interconnection project department to arrange the professional engineer on duty 24 hours a day and night, in the key areas, key parts, key equipment monitoring, comprehensive supervision and inspection of the unit grid before the test completion, regarding the implementation of the whole process of quality control, various parameters and indexes meet the design specification requirements, the quality of the project is always under control.

My projects in the subsequent management process, to ensure safety, under the premise of grasping quality, will continue to be in accordance with the timeline node target for # 2 unit connected to the grid before the management work, 32-bit conscientiously, devote themselves to their duties, have the courage to act as supervisor, under the leadership of the company and the project manager, continue to maintain high morale and working enthusiasm, in qassim power engineering construction, ensure qasim power engineering construction forward steadily, and the escort for # 2 unit connected to the grid, efforts will qasim power plant into a "china-pakistan economic corridor" benchmarking project, for consulting co., LTD., Shanghai electric power supervision in the construction of the "area" on the road left a.

2 x 400MW gas steam combined cycle unit project is located in heze.

On November 10, heze investment and development (holding) co., LTD., and golden concord wisdom energy power investment (suzhou) co., LTD. Signed a cooperation agreement, the two sides will focus around the development of gas turbine thermal power, distributed energy, biomass and other clean energy projects for all-round cooperation.

Learned, golden concord group is a new and clean energy and related industry is given priority to the internationalization of comprehensive energy group, in the new global energy companies in the top 500 ranked the second, is China's largest non-public electric power holding company, for many years to "two main line, four network cloud" as the overall strategy, relying on its strong scientific and technological innovation, business model innovation ability and industrial advantages, has become a global leader in clean energy industry.

The after the cooperation agreement has been signed, the two sides will cooperate, complementary advantages, in the city development zone and urban heating area cooperation investment to build a set of size 2 x 400 mw class gas - steam combined cycle unit, with a total investment of about 2.7 billion yuan, in raw coal instead of about 2.2 million tons, about 3500 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions and emissions about 2500 tons of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide 1.95 million tons, ash to reduce emissions of about 400000 tons. , after the completion of the project will be beneficial to optimize energy structure, promote energy conservation and emissions reduction, power shifts kinetic energy, improve the urban environment, enhance regional power and heat source, for our city people's livelihood, industrial and commercial enterprises heat-supply enterprise sustainable development to make positive contribution.